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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday 15th July 2012 Macro day

A One to One day on Macro photography we ran through basic principles & looked at tripods, lenses etc before starting on some of the moths caught in the trap last night. We then headed off to some local heathland where there was the opportunity on work insects & orchids

There were lots of lovely fresh Marsh Helleborine, plus Fragrant Orchid & Southern Marsh Orchid.
Keeled skimmer were on the wing, as were Common blue & Large Red Damselfly. 
We did see an Adder as well briefly, sadly it didn't want to hang around to be photographed!

The client was using a 300mm lense with a macro facility & these lenses aren't dedicated macro's, most people when they get into macro will find this slightly limiting with the longer distance between lense & subject matter. Still we managed to get a range of images, one of the really nice Helleborines is below.

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