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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Foxley Wood Silver-washed Fritillary - Sunday 12th August

A fantastic surprise on a casual Sunday morning stroll around our local woodland, Foxley Wood. Very close to the entrance gate a large butterfly, one of the first we had seen came floating by. I was sure it wasn't a Comma & it wasn't moving fast enough for an Eggar moth, surely it was a Fritillary. 

A few seconds past as I chased after it as it flew up the ride, but then it alighted a thistle head - sure enough a Frittilary, a worn but superb Silver-washed Fritillary!! 

I was carrying my little handycam & there were a few expletives during the first attempts to catch it on film, but eventually it settled & allowed me to grab a bit of footage. These butterflies were once present & common in the 1950's but were lost by the early 1960's. In interesting article by Mike Gasson can be read at Moorend Nature.

Other insects of note were Southern Hawker & one very late White Admiral.

Short video of the Silver Washed Fritillary below -

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